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5 Steps to Redeem Paytm Gift Card / Gift Voucher

Paytm gift card

Redeem Paytm Gift Card.

Securely offers Paytm Gift Cards, Once you make payment for Paytm Gift Card with a selected denomination, a Gift Card will be sent instantly to your mobile number registered with Paytm, While checkout we ask for your mobile number registered with Paytm account specifically.

In App Link to Redeem Directly

Open the below link on your mobile phone, It will directly redirect you to the Gift received in your Paytm App.

Steps to redeem your Paytm Gift Card sent from Securely.

Step 1. Open Paytm App and navigate to Passbook section in the Paytm App.

Redeem Paytm Gift Card

Step 2. Select Gift Voucher option

Redeem Paytm Gift Card.

Step 3. Select Redeem Gift Voucher Option

Redeem Paytm Gift Card

Step 4. Redeem Gift Voucher

Redeem Paytm Gift Card.

5. Confirm to redeem Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher redeemed sucessfully.

Paytm Gift Card/ Gift Vouchers details:

  • Paytm Gift Vouchers are issued by Paytm Payments Bank Ltd.
  • One Paytm Gift Voucher can have a maximum balance of Rs. 10,000.
  • A Paytm account can have a maximum of 20 Gift Vouchers at a time, with a maximum combined balance of Rs 100,000.
  • Gift Vouchers once purchased cannot be cancelled. Balance in voucher cannot be used to purchase another Voucher, or redeemed for cash, or transferred to Bank Account.
  • To ensure sufficient time to utilize balance in Gift Voucher the expiry is 10 Years.

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